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Digital PR VIP Services

Make Your Team the Authorities

Digital PR offers personalized VIP reputation management services including effective tools, support, and techniques to enhance search results and create an online presence aligned with your high-profile brand, goals, and position.

We can help you cultivate strong digital assets closely tied to your name to help prevent issues like inaccurate information being spread about you or someone with a similar name as you.

Your Reputation Means Everything

Just how important is your reputation as a VIP?

  • In a survey done by Deloitte of 300 top global executives, reputation risk was cited as the #1 strategic business risk.
  • Recent studies have shown as much as 75% of a company’s value is based on reputation.
  • Global executives attribute an average of 58% of their company’s overall reputation to their CEO.
  • Nearly all employers (98%) do background research about candidates online. Additionally, 90% of employers factor a job candidate’s social media accounts into their hiring decisions, and 79% of employers have rejected somebody based on their social media content.

Digital PR VIP Reputation Services

Public figures, celebrities, and high-profile executives all have different needs for brand protection, reputation management, and online privacy. Our professional VIP service experts offer customized, comprehensive solutions to ensure brand integrity, protect you from threats, and create an improved, secure image across the internet.

Depending on your needs, your individualized VIP reputation management solution may include some or all of the following components.

Contact Digital PR today to put together your customized solution.

Social Media Management
Our social media management services include comprehensive branding and social media solutions to help build your following, improve engagement, and highlight you as a thought leader in your space.

Search Engine Optimization
Whether content creation is needed or there is already existing content available, Digital PR will implement strategies to enhance and amplify your digital presence.

Search Engine Repair
When optimizing your existing assets isn’t enough, we can help suppress unwanted and/or outdated blogs, news stories, and links from common search queries, which replaces inaccurate information with high-quality content showing you in the best possible light.

Search Suggestions and Autocomplete Repair
Using proven SEO techniques, we can build a positive reputation around your brand and eliminate negative associations by reprogramming Google’s predictive search suggestions and autocomplete.

Content Creation and Syndication
We can help you create, publish, and promote blogs, articles, profiles, and bios which provide an accurate and positive reflection of your value, expertise, and skills.

Real-Time Monitoring
Our real-time monitoring helps protect your identity and reputation and lets you stay ahead of potential threats before negative information goes viral.

Get Digital PR VIP Services

Whether you need to fix, improve, or maintain your professional image, Digital PR can help. Let us put together a customized plan to help improve or maintain your reputation, no matter who you are.

To take advantage of Digital PR’s VIP reputation services, click here or call 888-991-3509 to contact us today. Let us help you manage your reputation.

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