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Control Search Engine Brand Messaging

Having a negative reputation online is damaging to your brand and capable of diminishing the trust your loyal customers have for your business. What is more damaging is when these negative messages tend to rank higher on search engines. Negative messages about a company can be influenced by a competitor, past news articles, or someone leaving 1-star reviews on your Google listing.

There’s a growing misconception that a company with a damaged online reputation must have been involved in fraudulent or unethical activity — this is not always true. To avoid hurting your bottom line and having to deal with the effects of a negative online reputation, there’s a need to control the message about your brand in the online space.

At Digital PR, we’re here to suppress negative brand messages on search engines. For more information, contact us today!

Suppress Negative Search Result

There are staggering statistics that show the impact of search engines on influencing the purchasing decision of people:

  • More than 88% of people may hesitate to do business with a company that has a negative online reputation.
  • Over 90% of people will check out a company online before deciding whether or not they will visit or buy from that company.
  • Do not also forget that the feedback people get about your brand matters a lot and may determine if they would patronize your brand or checkelsewhere. About 86% of people take into consideration the feedback they receive about a company when making purchase decisions.

These statistics are pointers that your online reputation is critical to growing your brand. It’s an important aspect of digital marketing that should not be overlooked as it can mar your business if left unchecked.

At Digital PR, we understand the extent of damage negative online reputation can cause to your business, and that’s why we offer suppress negative search results services.

Brand Reputation Management

We have a team of experienced Digital PR professionals that can assist you in restoring or repairing the reputation of your brand in the online space. You do not need to panic if there’s a high-ranking negative review about your brand on Google and other search engines. We have several effective and practical strategies that we can utilize in removing or suppressing negative comments or reviews about your brand on search engines.

Our Digital PR experts have encountered and dealt with all types of issues relating to online reputation management, and our experience over the years has led us to find the quickest and most effective way of controlling your brand’s reputation on search engines. It’s never too late for your company to repair its reputation online. We have the team, the technical know-how, and the wealth of experience to make this happen. For more information contact us today!.


At Digital PR, we boast of having experience search engine specialists, digital PR and SEO gurus, and content strategists who all work together to help repair and increase an excellent online brand reputation. We are capable of helping you to improve your brand by building the trust of your potential and loyal customers. Having a positive online brand reputation doesn’t only promote positive brand awareness but also increases productivity and revenue.

Let’s begin the process of repairing your online brand’s reputation with our effective Digital PR strategies.

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