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What Is Digital PR and Why Is it Important?

Have you recently heard the term “Digital PR” for the first time and now you’re wondering what it is and how it can help your business? Maybe you’ve been seeing the term but you aren’t sure if it’s something your business should pursue. Either way, we’re here to help.
Let’s talk about what Digital PR is, why it’s important, and how Digital PR can help you and your company.

What Is Digital PR?

According to Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller, Digital PR is “just as critical as tech SEO, probably more so in many cases.” But what is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the intersection of traditional public relations, SEO, content marketing, and social media to increase a business’s online presence. This tangible, measurable strategy drives brand awareness, sales, website traffic, links (which improve SEO), and social following and engagement.

Why Is Digital PR Important?

Digital PR is more than just a buzzword. It’s the key to success for just about any individual or business in today’s modern world. It swaps traditional PR strategies like manual outreach for newspaper and magazine features for search engine optimization, social media, web development, online reviews, influencer campaigns, and videos.

Without Digital PR, it can be a real challenge to meet (or even exceed) your goals as a brand, whether you’re a lawyer, restaurant owner, home service company, or represent another business. Let’s dive deeper into several of the many reasons Digital PR is so important.
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Digital PR Benefits

While link building will always be important, Digital PR is about far more than just earning links from authoritative top-tier websites and niche-relevant publications.

Here are some of Digital PR’s top benefits.

1. Fosters Customer Relationships
Successful and strong customer relationships go hand in hand. The more authentic your brand is, the more likely you are to foster strong relationships with current and prospective customers.

When users are researching your brand, one of the first places they look is on social media. If your brand has loads of followers and is actively posting and responding to comments, your brand is perceived as more trustworthy, authentic, and personable.

Digital PR strategies such as social media management, promoting online reviews, and influencer campaigns can allow these types of relationships to come to fruition. When users are researching your brand, one of their first places to look is on social media. If your brand has loads of followers and your brand is actively posting, and responding to comments, your brand is perceived as more trustworthy, authentic, and personable.

2. Social Engagement
In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people around the world were using social media. Digital PR allows you to reach and engage millions of potential customers on social media through content that’s interesting, relevant, and, most importantly, shareable. Social media lets you talk to existing customers, stay in front of potential customers, and get in front of people who aren’t ready to buy your product or service yet but will have your brand in mind when they are.

3. Click-Through Traffic for Remarketing
Links aren’t just for SEO. Potential customers may click on those links and head to your website. And if they aren’t ready to purchase yet, you may be able to add them to your remarketing lists so you can target them later.

4. Builds Brand Awareness & Identity
One of the major goals of Digital PR is to build brand awareness with your audience. Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are familiar with your brand. So if you start a new HVAC/AC business in South Florida, a strategic Digital PR strategy can inform your community and help get you noticed through social media, paid ads, press releases, and many other strategies!

81% of customers do research online before making a purchase, and Digital PR helps you provide that information to people in your target market. Imagine reaching customers when they’re still learning what features they should look for in a product you make, for example. You don’t need to wait until potential customers are actively shopping when you use Digital PR.

It’s important that while promoting your brand in the digital sphere, you must offer insight into what your brand’s identity is: what your company mission is, how you can showcase your expertise, and how you can shed light on what sets you apart from competitors.

5. Enhances Brand Reputation with Crisis Management
For individuals and brands alike, you can’t always control what life throws at you. Whether you were involved in a scandal and written about in a newspaper or if an unhappy customer leaves your business a nasty review, Google doesn’t just let you “Control Z” (undo) or delete from the search results and review sites. Google’s main goal is to provide users with valuable information to their queries, so it can be difficult to get rid of those negative assets others have left for you to clean up the mess.

Fortunately, having a verified Google Business Profile listing, having reviews on authoritative sites like Yelp and Facebook, influencer videos from people who love your brand, and being active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms all have a positive effect on your rankings.

With Digital PR, we can utilize SEO, social media, digital press releases, and more to CONTROL brand reputation and individual reputation online. It’s possible to shape your brand’s digital footprint and suppress negative assets, reviews, feedback, and other assets so users aren’t misinformed.

6. Increases Credibility
Digital PR can help you get featured in major publications, which can help enhance your credibility by building backlinks. If you’ve been featured in prominent media outlets, make sure to feature the articles in a “Media/News” section of your website. This section helps customers trust your brand.

7. Generates Leads & Sales
As we’ve discussed, Digital PR strategies help brands to boost their search rankings, increase brand exposure, and boost visibility. Not only are brands taking control of their digital footprint, but they are using digital marketing strategies to get it done, which results in increased conversions, leads, sales, and other factors that will help benefit your business.

By boosting search rankings, building a loyal social media following, syndicating Digital press releases on the wire, and more, there is inevitably an increase of website traffic and conversions that result.

8. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Of course, the biggest benefit of Digital PR is improving your SEO. Search engine rankings are more important today than ever before. If a prospective customer goes to Google and searches for an “Asian fusion restaurant in Chicago,” you want to make sure your restaurant appears on page 1. A ranking on page 2, 3, or 4 won’t get them in the door.

Same goes with all industries; whether you’re an internet marketing agency or a personal injury attorney, being on page one is a MUST!
The age-old joke goes… “Where do you hide a dead body?” “The second page of Google.”

Additionally, Digital PR involves optimizing a business’s websites from top to bottom with the following strategies and tactics:

  • Adding structured data (JSON Schema Code)
  • Adding meta data
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Removing broken links
  • Adding a sitemap
  • Optimizing content with header tags and internal linking
  • And, much more

9. Stay in Front of Your Audience
By producing digital content, you can stay in front of your audience, whether they’re ready to buy now or not. Digital PR can help you build a loyal following who will share your content with their friends and family and who could also become your followers or customers down the road.

Digital PR Is Here To Stay

While Digital PR has recently picked up traction, we don’t see it slowing down any time soon. In fact, it will likely become more important and evolve as time goes on. If you’d like to set your brand up for success, you owe it to yourself to jump on the Digital PR bandwagon as soon as you can.

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