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What Is the Digital PR Process?

If you decide to work with us, what does the Digital PR process look like? While each project is customized to your exact requirements, there is a general process we follow to create successful Digital PR campaigns.

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Reputation Analysis

To put together the perfect plan for you, we need to know what we’re working with, so we’ll do a thorough reputation analysis. We’ll identify all negative and positive results featuring your brand or name, your top keywords, and any threats to your reputation.

From your reputation analysis, we’ll focus on:

  • Gap analysis to identify important differences between your results and those of your competitors to find potential threats to your brand as well as opportunities to improve your reputation.
  • Search result and content removal. We explore legal solutions for removing and suppressing toxic links and content from the web, whether it’s unwanted images, articles, social media content, videos, Google search results, or anything else.
  • Hashtag and influencer research to identify trends and influencers crucial to your online reputation management strategy.

Web Property Development

Once we’ve completed your analysis, we can identify and build social media profiles, websites, blogs, business directory listings, and other web assets under your control and influence. From there, we can generate content and optimizations.

We can also optimize existing online assets by improving all profiles, pages, and sites so they have a maximum impact on Google search results.

Content Creation

Every successful Digital PR strategy includes content creation. This content may be posted on your own site or on third-party websites.

We first identify your target audience and what types of content appeal to them. From there, we come up with topics and basic content outlines that market your expertise and feature your brand and create high-quality press releases, bios, guest posts, and articles to shape your online narrative and establish a regular content schedule.


We’ll create a customized content publishing plan to keep your Digital PR campaign on track, scheduling content across a variety of channels.
With a combination of automatic and manual publishing systems, we can not only release your content on a schedule but also publish timely, trending content whenever needed.

We publish just about any type of content, including press releases, blog posts, case studies, social media updates, images, industry-related articles, and more.

Content Promotion

Once your content has been published, we still need to promote it so you can have a fully successful Digital PR campaign. Our content promotion strategy entails three essential elements:

  • Earned promotion, where we capitalize on social media to get organic comments, shares, links, and feedback to created content.
  • Owned promotion, where we optimize your current assets and increase engagement.
  • Paid promotion using techniques such as paid discovery tools, sponsored content on high-volume news and entertainment sites, paid search efforts, and more.

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