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Digital PR Services for Law Firms

Digital PR Services for Law Firms

Did you know 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses? Additionally, nearly 84% of participants in one study said a law firm needs review scores of 4 stars or higher before they would hire that firm.

While managing online reviews is just one part of what Digital PR can do for you, it may be one of the most important ways to attract new clients to your law firm. What is Digital PR, and how can it help your law firm? Read on for more!

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What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a way to maintain and even improve your reputation with a personalized combination of content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), traditional public relations, and other tools. All Digital PR campaigns have measurable results, whether you want to suppress negative information or reviews, bring in new clients, or improve your social media engagement.

What Does Digital PR for Law Firms Include?

While each law firm’s Digital PR strategy will look different depending on its goals, these are some of the services we offer that can help your firm accomplish what it needs.

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Google Search Repair

We have proven online suppression and removal strategies to remove negative news coverage, court cases, and other damaging links from Google search pages. Digital PR replaces the negative information with compelling positive assets for a stronger, more positive online presence for key search terms. Our Google search repair services can help you protect your firm’s image and build a reputation potential clients resonate with.

Online Review Management

Since the vast majority of people will avoid lawyers with bad reviews or ratings, we offer comprehensive review management services that allow you to improve your ratings and build trust with potential clients. Digital PR can help you boost your ratings, remove negative reviews, and monitor new reviews to resolve client issues.

Marketing for Legal Services

Of course, a Digital PR campaign wouldn’t be complete without public relations and reputation management. We can maximize your online visibility and build online authority to connect with clients.

Law Firm Branding

We can help you build a consistent digital brand that allows you to reach more clients, increase client loyalty, build credibility and authority, and set you apart from your competition. People should see a consistent, positive image of you throughout the internet, from Google searches to your social media to your website itself.

Social Media Management

Social media management helps you optimize client engagement, steer conversations about your firm, manage feedback, highlight your achievements and services, attract new clients, strengthen trust, and more!

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Whether you need help removing or suppressing negative reviews, you want to place higher in search results, or one of your competitors is trying to slander your firm, Digital PR can help.

Contact us today for a fully personalized Digital PR strategy to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they seem to you.

Reputation is everything when you run a law firm that handles mass torts. Just how important is it? 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and 84% of people will only choose a law firm that has review scores of at least 4 stars.

Exactly how important is an injury practice law firm’s online reputation? 84% of people will only select an injury practice lawyer with review scores of at least 4 stars.

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We have been developing and refining the process of Digital PR for several years with proven results. We offer custom reporting based on the queries that matter to your business. While no two projects are exactly alike …

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