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What Does a Digital PR Agency Do?

If you’ve just recently learned about Digital PR, you may be wondering: What is a Digital PR agency? What does an online PR agency do? How can a Digital PR agency help me?

Here’s what you should know about Digital PR agencies.

What Is a Digital PR Agency?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy businesses use to increase their online presence. A Digital PR agency can give clients exposure anywhere today’s audiences consume key messaging. From social media engagement to online media placements, a Digital PR agency delivers outcomes that go beyond what a traditional PR firm can provide.

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What Does an Online PR Agency Do?

Digital PR agencies use a variety of techniques to accomplish your goals, including link building, digital press releases, removing negative search results, social media management, and organic search engine optimization (SEO). With these techniques, Digital PR agencies can create precisely targeted campaigns across a wide range of online mediums, with the goal of reaching and influencing your target audience.

Link Building

While link building has always been a critical component of any SEO strategy, yesterday’s technique of buying backlinks won’t work today. Instead, a Digital PR agency can help you get authoritative backlinks with things like:

  • Free content or tools like ebooks, quizzes, video interviews, podcasts, or personalized reports. Not only does this content bring people to your site, but it can make them want to share the content with others.
  • Infographics can be easily shared across social media and websites, which spreads backlinks around multiple platforms.
  • Whitepapers increase your site’s authority and can help you get industry-specific backlinks.
  • Case studies help you get links from your peers as well as industry publications.

Digital Press Releases

The way news is distributed has changed drastically over the last decade or so, and traditional news release distribution methods don’t meet journalists’ needs anymore. Digital press releases make it easier for the media to pick up your story by giving journalists all the information they need, including contact links, bios, videos, images, social media links, and more.

Remove Negative Search Results

Whether something you said was taken out of context, somebody with your name or a similar one is portrayed negatively, or someone left a bad Google review, negative search results can happen to anybody. A Digital PR agency like the experts at Digital PR can help push positive search results up and move the negative results down.

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Social Media Management

With more than 4.2 billion social media users worldwide, you would be foolish to ignore the importance of social media management. It’s more than just putting out random tweets, TikTok videos, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories to see what sticks. You need a customized, comprehensive, detailed plan for each individual platform.

Organic SEO

Did you know only 2.6% of all search queries result in a click on an ad? While paid ads can bring in some website traffic, you need a detailed organic search engine optimization plan for the best results. A Digital PR agency can help you put together the perfect plan.

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