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Digital PR for Publicly Traded Companies

Digital PR is extremely important for publicly traded companies. After all, any negative publicity affects your shareholders in addition to your company’s bottom line. What is Digital PR? Why is it important? How can Digital PR help your publicly traded company?

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What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a mixture of traditional public relations, social media management, organic search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing to increase a company’s online presence. Digital PR campaigns drive sales, website traffic, brand awareness, backlinks (critical for SEO), and social media engagement.

Why is Digital PR for Publicly Traded Companies Important?

The reputation of a publicly traded company and its executives is priceless, and Digital PR can help improve and maintain reputations for the greater good of the company. How important is the reputation of your company and its top executives?

  • According to recent studies, as much as 75% of a company’s value is based on reputation.
  • A survey by Deloitte of 300 top global executives cited reputation risk as the #1 strategic business risk.
  • Companies don’t exist in a bubble. Global executives attribute an average of 58% of their company’s overall reputation to their CEO.

How Can Digital PR for Publicly Traded Companies Help?

How does Digital PR help publicly traded companies? Here are some of the ways we can help manage the reputation of your company and its executives.

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Curate Your Search Results
Has a competitor trashed your company’s reputation? Did skeletons fall out of an executive’s closet? Is a negative news story filling up your search results? Digital PR has tools and techniques that let us optimize your company’s search results, control what videos and images appear, and influence search suggestions by:

  • Giving an SEO boost to accurate news coverage and your website
  • Creating and publishing custom content to deliver factual messaging about your company

Protect Your Company and Executives’ Security and Privacy
Dozens of people-search sites sell home addresses and other sensitive personal information for nearly every American. That likely includes top executives at your company. With that information, angry former employees, criminals, and anybody else who wants to harm your company could visit an executive’s home and put their family’s lives at risk.

Digital PR can remove the personal information of your executives from all of these sites to protect their security and privacy by:

  • Offering recommendations and reporting on threats and sources of personal information
  • Scanning sites to find records of your executives’ personal information
  • Requesting opt-outs from sites where possible
  • Scanning social media and other online channels to find vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring each site for compliance to ensure the information doesn’t get added back

Digital PR Services for Publicly Traded Companies

At Digital PR, we offer a variety of services to curate your company’s search results, change online conversations about your company, and protect the security of your executives’ families, including:

  • Organic SEO
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Search engine repair
  • Social media management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Autocomplete and search suggestions repair
  • Multimedia asset repair

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